Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Formalist POV

I have just recently picked up my new telescope and now I am tempted to write some sort of a review about it. I have dubbed this project of my project BAT or "Big Ass Telescope" this thing is a 14 inch telescope and now I am going to dissect it and try to pin point all of its qualities and problems. The point of this review is to teach a property that most people should utilize whenever they are reviewing anything or looking to buy anything. The formalist point of view or criticism. This is where you break the object or the review down to its basic components and don't try to pull in other outside sources. Only keep your opinions and arguments located inside the context of what you are trying to write about or review. In the case of this telescope, I am only going to base my review on what the telescope has to offer and the time that I have spent with is so far without comparing it to other telescopes that I have owned in the past. For now I am waiting for my final test and that is the moon. No one can do a telescope review without looking at the moon.

Clear Skies!